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Transcription and Typing Services

Work undertaken by Lexicon is subject to the following Terms & Conditions:


1. All work is treated as private and confidential. A Confidentiality Agreement will be signed if required.


2.  A copy of our Terms & Conditions must be signed prior to the start of any work and returned to Lexicon together with any special requirements. 

3.  It is your responsibility to ensure that Lexicon receives any templates, letter heads, and font requirements etc that  are necessary to complete the work satisfactorily.


4.  Work is priced on the understanding that it is both clear (audio) and/or legible (type/manuscript). If this is perceived not to be the case a further charge may be discussed with you to reflect the time taken to complete the work and added to the final account. Any additional requirements to an already agreed piece of work will be charged accordingly.  Work required urgently will be subject to a small surcharge as indicated in our Rates & Services applicable at the time..


5.  Should it be impossible to decipher a word or phrase, Lexicon will insert a query mark, highlighted in yellow (????), to draw your attention to the omission


6.  The work will be proofread by another member of the team prior to dispatch. However, the final proof read and check is solely your own responsibility. Any errors found at this stage will be corrected free of charge, but Lexicon accepts no responsibility if this final proof read is not carried out by you prior to the document being considered "final" and/or sent to your client. Completed work will be held for 3 months and then deleted from our system.


7.  Lexicon cannot be held responsible for the actual content of work requested to be produced, and will not produce work considered by us to be potentially illegal or libellous.


8.  Although the greatest care will be taken, Lexicon cannot accept responsibility for any media supplied by the Client. You are requested to keep a back-up copy of all material you send to Lexicon. Lexicon shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any material nor for costs, expenses or any other claims arising from any material which is lost or damaged.  Neither shall Lexicon be liable for damage to any recorded media. 


9.  Our aim is to provide a fast turnaround of the work. Lexicon will endeavour to complete assignments by the dates agreed, but can take no responsibility for unforeseen circumstances that may prevent this, although every effort will be made to keep you informed should this occur.  


10  Work will be invoiced on completion by Lexicon, or monthly for regular clients by prior agreement.  Our terms for payment are 14 days from date of invoice. A £15 minimum charge applies. VAT is not applicable. Payment must be made in Pounds Sterling by cash, cheque, BACS/electronic transfer. Any late payment will be subject to interest added and legal action considered.


11. Disbursements will be itemised and added to our invoice. Any bank charges incurred by Lexicon due to unpaid cheques will be charged to the Client.