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Transcription and Typing Services

Friendly, Efficient and Confidential Transcription Service 
At Lexicon we pride ourselves on offering a tailor-made service for each client - but without the costs involved in employing staff.  You may just need us to to take the load off your over-worked support staff without the hassle of employing temps or perhaps a lengthy report is just too time consuming for you to produce.  In these difficult economic times it makes sense to outsource your typing requirements, paying only for the time involved.


We welcome enquiries from small businesses and private individuals.  Perhaps you are a student with lecture notes or dissertation to be typed up; a budding author with the latest block buster needing to be put on paper, or just a one-off assignment to be completed. You may have an old document, previously prepared on a typewriter, which we can transfer into a Word document for future amendment and use as necessary, or you simply have a wordy document to produce and don't like typing! 


Some foreign students may want to have their written assignments proof read for English grammar and punctuation and generally tidied up for submission to their tutor.  With English as our first language we can help you with this.



Societies, clubs, churches, caterers, translators -  if you are a member of any of these groups we can help you with your newsletters, menus, minutes, transcription of translations, etc.  We also offer a specialist transcription service for building surveyors, as described on Typing for Surveyors.


We can cater for all your typing and/or audio transcription requirements - both for private individuals and businesses.
We can provide you with a guarantee that your work will be completed within your requested time scale.  We are honest with our Clients - if we receive a request for work that we deem difficult/impossible to decipher we will inform you immediately and let you decide on how you want to proceed.  No work is ever undertaken without due discussion beforehand, protecting both our Clients and our reputation of producing high quality transcripts and documents.  A confidentiality agreement will be signed if required.






 Call us and see if we can help      07793 711718 / 07854 598455